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Native Habitat Restoration Projects

Heritage at Garden Creek
San Luis Obispo, CA
This site, formerly coastal sage scrub interfaced with riparian woodland, was dominated by alien plant species.The alien plant species were eradicated and replaced with native plants, and the site was maintained for five years to insure a successful restoration.
CLIENT: FIRMA Landscape Design

Diablo Canyon Road Access Restoration
Avila Beach, CA
This site was impacted by a road washout creating runoff water that gorged a deep crevasse through the site. The one-acre, coastal sage scrub (with small portions supporting a seasonal seep) was replanted with community-specific native plants, mulched heavily and was maintained for three years to insure success.
CLIENT: Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Woodland Plaza II Restoration
Riparian Corridor of Salinas River, Paso Roles, CA
This severely disturbed, five-acre site, a riparian corridor within the flood plain of the Salinas River, was primarily impacted by the use of off-road vehicles throughout the area. We were contracted to develop an old well site nearby to provide temporary irrigation for the ecological restoration of the site. We installed some 3,000 site-specific native plants with a heavy mulch layer, designed and implemented an irrigation system, and maintained and monitored it for five-years. The Army Corp of Engineers was the governing body of this project.
CLIENT: The Habitat Restoration Group

Avila Beach Tank Farm Ravine Restoration
Avila Beach, CA
This coastal sage scrub site resulting from an oil spill that escaped down the ravine channel, to the Pacific ocean, was restored by cleanup of the oil spill, the replacement of contaminated earth with site-specific soil, reintroduction of mulched, caged, site-specific plant material, design and implementation of a temporary irrigation system incorporating erosion control measures, and a five-year maintenance program. The agencies involved were the California Department of Fish and Game, as well as the County of San Luis Obispo.
CLIENT: UNOCAL Petroleum Products and Chemical Division

Native Screen Planting at
Santa Margarita Pump Station

Santa Margarita, CA
This site, surrounded by oak woodland, possessing shallow soil, disturbed and compacted during construction of a railroad track, consists of an oil storage and pump station in need of screening from a county road. This screen planting was developed by ripping the hardpan to a depth of three feet, planting along the created faults in the hardpan, utilizing mulched (for water conservation and weed control) indigenous plant species, and the implementation of a five-year maintenance program that allowed us to guarantee a successful visual screen. The governing agency was the County of San Luis Obispo.
CLIENT: Tosco Distribution Corporation

Santa Margarita Creek Restoration Project
Santa Margarita, CA
This site, disturbed by an oil pipeline replacement, and under an active grazing regimen, was a foothill woodland interfacing with a riparian corridor. Cattle damage was mitigated with a fence, while the site was restored with reintroduction of mulched, site-specific plants indigenous to the foothill woodland and riparian corridor plant communities, and a one-year maintenance program.
CLIENT: UNOCAL (Tosco) Petroleum Products Division

Asuncion Ranch Habitat Restoration
and Slope Stabilization

Asuncion Ranch, Atascadero, CA
This project, a hillside disturbed by the realignment of a collapsed, two-lane private road, was implemented by developing a series of hay bale check dams feeding into a large drainpipe that addressed surface runoff of the steep slope, stabilizing the soil with jute netting, reintroducing site specific plant materials, and maintaining the site for one year.
CLIENT: Asuncion Ranch Property Owners Association

Vegetation Mitigation for California Spaceport
Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lompoc, CA 1995-1998
This two hundred acre, coastal sage scrub site, north of the Santa Ynez river mouth, and dominated by the alien species, Carpobrutus edulis, was restored by exterminating the Carpobrotus edulis, reintroducing indigenous species with pre emergent herbicide treatments and a heavy mulch layer, only two waterings, and maintaining and monitoring the site for three years (with a 92% success rate).
CLIENT: Spaceport Systems International

Screen Planting for the Cellular One Tower
Avila Beach, CA
Our task at this site was to provide a visual screen for a thirty-foot telecommunications tower. We utilized plants from the coastal sage scrub plant community indigenous to this mountain-top and had in place a very active maintenance and hand-watering program which continued for five years. The final approval on this project was done by San Luis Obispo County.
CLIENT: Tynan Group, Inc.

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